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Tile Cutter Montolit 63P2 MasterPluma 24" (DISCO)


Vendor Part # 63P2

MasterPluma 63P2 24" manual tile cutter. The tile cutter Masterpluma (P2 version) is a light, manageable and easy to use machine.

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Product Details

The incision handle is purpose made with an ergonomic grip, designed to make it easy to hold during the cutting phase.  The incision handle allows the cutting of different width tiles without the need to regulate the height of the scroll bar.

For splitting the tile after incision, the incision handle is equipped with a dual splitting system, one fixed and the other automatically mobile.

On the top of the incision handle, there is an adjustment screw that regulates the tile width to avoid damage to delicate tiles – especially during diagonal cuts.  If the pressure is too great, without this regulation, the tile could be damaged as seen in the video.

To avoid breaking delicate tiles it is necessary to adjust the screw to the thickness of the tile and then use the ring nut the lock the screw. This ensures that the incision handle’s splitting feet don’t go lower than the chosen width.

Thanks to this simple but important device, even if you apply too much repeated pressure on the incision wheel, damage to the tile will be avoided.

A look at two other important features of the incision handle: The hardened and milled roller allows easy sliding, during the cutting phase. The incision wheel is made from tungsten carbide and coated in titanium, to give more flow and wear resistance.

Attention: after the incision the tile splitting takes place near the square (ideally the first 5cm). Normally at the end of the incision the handle is already in the correct position and no further adjustment is required before applying pressure to split the tile.

For 45° diagonal cutting the handle should be moved back towards the centre of the tile and, by lifting the handle up, the secondary splitting device is automatically lowered ready to split the tile.

Important! For best results don’t split the tile more than 5cm from the square.

The special geometrical square: In the case of repetitive cuts with predefined measurement, it’s possible to use the stop.  The set measurement remains unchanged whatever angle.  The geometric square enables the user to cut tiles at many different angles.  A strong regulation screw ensures the maximum precision for cutting at 90°.  The measurement from the corner of the wall, in this case 28 cm, is easily achieved using the second graduated scale.  To cut at 45°, we advise the use of a suitable splitter.

The same dual splitting device coupled with a suitable rubber pad, is used to cut mosaics. For the incision of mosaics, light pressure is required.

The professional Montolit Masterpiuma series tile cutter cuts with extreme ease, especially the most widespread gres porcelain tiles, and incorporates different but simple functionality enabling the user to solve the most complex cutting problems which can arise with the new generation tiles such as the very hard, high thickness, glazed, thin (like Kerlite tiles), irregular and fragile tile.