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W.R. Meadows Of Canada

Vendor Part # 3567116

SURE-STEP slip-resistant additive is a finely ground polymer material for addition to concrete sealers for slip resistance. This additive can be added to most film-forming water- and solvent-based sealers, including the CS-309, DECRA-SEAL, and VOCOMP series, as well as HIAC and SEAL CURE-309-25 from W. R. MEADOWS. Please consult sealer manufacturer prior to using, if using a product not listed above.

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Product Information

SURE-STEP provides improved chemical and abrasion resistance, and is more comfortable to bare feet on treated surfaces than sand or
aggregate additives. The product’s low density and insolubility characteristics will help reduce settling and provide optimum performance in its various applications, without changing the viscosity. Due to its low density, SURE-STEP stays suspended in thin materials.

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