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The Original PP Foam Insulated Blanket 3/16 - 12' X 24'

Norseman Group Ltd.

Vendor Part # 402313

Durable woven polyethylene encapsulates superior closed cell layered foam for maximum insulation. These blankets can be used for concrete curing, hoarding applications, and ground thaw

Additional Information

Product Benefits

•Lightweight and flexible blankets that lay flat in sub-zero temperatures.
•Closed cell foam insulation is moisture resistant ensuring retention of maximum insulation properties.
•The outer cover and foam are semi translucent allowing light to penetrate for a safe work environment.
•Our design protects the internal foam from UV damage.
•Sewn edge ribbon provides 4 layers of fabric for added grommet strength.
•Foam fills the blanket all the way to the outer edges reducing heat loss at the extremities.

Product Specifications

The Original PP Foam Insulated Blanket

•Manufactured in Canada.
•Double stitched edge seam ensures the insulation foam will not shift.
•Middle overlapping seam reduces billowing.
•Available in two standard thicknesses.
•Custom thicknesses and sizes available to meet your specific requirements.
•Custom colors and logos available. Some restrictions apply.
•Rolled tightly for easy and economical shipping and storage.

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