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The Original Pp Foam Insulated Blanket 3/16 - 12' X 20'

Norseman Group Ltd.

Vendor Part # 402290

Concrete Curing Blankets. Insulated waterproof blankets that facilitate concrete curing in wet or cold conditions.

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Features and Benefits

Moisture Resistant: Norseman concrete curing blankets are fabricated with closed cell foam insulation which does not absorb water and therefore the R-value is maintained in damp cold conditions, ensuring consistent curing of concrete.

Lightweight and Flexible: The use of closed cell foam provides a lightweight, compact blanket that is easy to handle on  the job site, reducing storage and transportation costs.

Durable: The closed cell foam insulation does not sag and the waterproof woven poly fabric shell ensures long life durability. These blankets allow light to penetrate when used in hoarding applications which saves costs on interior lighting.


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