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Nuheat N1C080 Cable Kit 80-sf 120v


Vendor Part # N1C080

Nuheat Cable is a floor warming system that allows contractors to instantly make on-site adjustments to the floor heating coverage for any room including those with curves and angles. Nuheat Cable can be also used to heat wet areas such as shower beds and benches or saunas. Nuheat Cable can be controlled using the same programmable and non-programmable thermostat options as Nuheat Mats.

Additional Information



Tile and Stone Installations


Patented Nuheat Cable Guides (included in each kit) are first secured onto the subfloor around the perimeter of the room. The Nuheat Cable Guides are superior to other clips used with other floor heating cable systems as they are made of durable flexible plastic and lay flat on the subfloor to guarantee a low profile. The heating cable is then installed and covered with self-leveler or thinset. After the self-leveler or thinset has cured, flooring can then be installed over top.




Laminate and Engineered Wood Installations


Just like a tile and stone application, Nuheat floor warming systems can take the chill out of laminate and engineered wood surfaces, ensuring you the pleasure of barefoot comfort in any room in your home.


When installing Nuheat under laminate or engineered wood, Nuheat requires the use of the MatComfort 82F programmable thermostat to protect the warranty of your floors.





Calculate Square Footage


Use the following tips to calculate the square footage of the heated area:

Tips to calculate square footage:

Area A = 3' x 4' = 12 sq ft 
Area B = 4' x 5' = 20 sq ft 
Area C = 2' x 2' ÷ 2 = 2 sq ft

Total 34 sq ft

TIPS: Ensure that the Nuheat Cable is installed in areas where heating is essential. Examples of essential areas include:

Do not install the Nuheat Cable more than 1" from these areas. Adjustments need to be compensated in non-essential areas such as behind the toilet or behind the door.



*requires use of Layout Assistant included in installation manual. Layout Assistant specifies unheated border of 1" - 6" depending on the size of the area.

** based on unheated border of 2"