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825 Parge-All (25Kg)

W.R. Meadows Of Canada

Vendor Part # 8170055

W.R. Meadows Pre-Mixed Parging. 825 Parge-All is a single component sand/cement blend designed for coating or parging vertical surfaces. 825 Parge-All is a pre-mixed blend of sand, cement, chemical admixtures, polypropylene fiber and acrylic cement modifier. The acrylic modifiers in 825 Parge-All make it very well suited for the thin coatings that are typical of parging applications.

Additional Information



Safety Precautions

Preparatory Work

Insure that rigid foam insulation is securely fastened to concrete. The surface shall be firm and free of loose particles, grease, oil and other foreign matter. Apply self-sticking fiberglass tape over joints between insulation panels, to all outside corners, over fastener heads and damaged insulation areas.

Installation Instructions

Physical Properties