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Sikafloor 3S - 20 L


Vendor Part # 181279

Sikafloor 3S is a one-component liquid sodium silicate surface hardener. Sikafloor 3S is odourless, colourless, biodegradable, VOC compliant and reacts chemically to produce a hard, dust-free finish

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Features and Benefits


Use on any horizontal old or new concrete surface, interior or exterior where a hard,
light to moderate abrasion resistant surface is required.

Applications include



Sikafloor® 3S is odourless, non-flammable and has a low toxicity. Good ventilation is
essential during application. Avoid prolonged breathing of vapours. Consult product
label for additional information.

See Technical Information for More Details and Application Instructions.

For more details, please consult the latest PDS and MSDS on our website: www.sika.ca